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INCUBATE fosters a proactive community of talented entrepreneurs and accelerate the growth of high-potential startups on campus.

INCUBATE has supported over 50 startups at the University of Sydney. Launched in 2012, INCUBATE accelerator program accepts up to sixteen startups per year. Our program graduates form part of our growing network of community of mentors and startup founders.

INCUBATE Summer Startups 2016 Class 8:



Our vision is to make social advertising easier for every business in the world. We allow businesses to create powerful advertising funnels that convert audiences, without the need for a full time professional. Our drag-and-drop interface provides a simple solution for advanced social advertising campaigns, making it easy for any business.


Ending ageing one genome at a time. Genomix provides whole genome sequencing for individuals who care about health and life extension as well as researchers who need genomic data. Our mission is to democratise genomics and contribute to healthy human longevity.

Health Copilot

A.I. for weight management. Health Copilot is a personal health and wellness virtual coach using artificial intelligence (AI) for individuals managing their weight and fitness. We collect data from health trackers like the Fitbit, Garmin and Withings then apply machine learning to analyse health data as you make lifestyle changes in real-time.


The transition from high school to university is a dynamic and delicate process often overlooked. Students are disillusioned with their university experience now more than ever before. We help students eradicate the feelings of learned helplessness, stress, and anxiety that guards us from celebrating our passions and abilities.


SeedTree is an online learning system for mathematics students in Australia. SeedTree aims to make learning maths more comfortable, easy and accessible. By creating material based on the Australian mathematics curriculum that is then streamlined into manageable sections, students can work at their own pace and improve in areas in which they have difficulty. SeedTree moves away from traditional text book structures of material seperated by year level rather than actual progress.

The Sorting Hat

We help Chinese students by providing information and assistance in gaining entry into the best Australian universities. We are building the world’s most active Chinese university student online community. We’ve built an active multi-platform Chinese student following. We currently help students process applications and assist them in settling in Australia. Our vision is to help students choose from universities worldwide, relocate and integrate into communities, find jobs and relationship opportunities.


Cleaning the world, one car at a time. WipeHero developed an innovative waterless washing technology that is biodegradable and allows us to wash cars, buses, trains and planes without a drop of water. Founded by PhD Fellows from UNSW, USYD and Harvard, we are revolutionising the carwash industry by providing a convenient and environmentally friendly carwash in scale. Along with our fleet of friendly washing heroes and waterless washing technology, our sophisticated platform monitors every step of the process to ensure a quality service.

INCUBATE Summer Startups 2015-2016: Class 7


Miriad Technologies

Our Miriad spectrometer acts like a sniffer dog looking for certain chemicals, but differs by measuring light instead of smell. This helps food quality control by enabling faster and more accurate chemical analysis. The device is unique in that it is portable, has no moving part, and easy to implement.

Iridium Dynamics

Introducing a commercial aircraft for large-area inspection. The low-cost sub-2-kg aeroplane allows small businesses to own and operate a VTOL UAV outright, and achieves multi-hour flight time and a range in excess of 100 km.

My Taste Guide

My Taste Guide is a mobile application delivering personalised nutrition plans for all weight loss, muscle gain and weight management goals. Applying a unique scientific formula to generate and strategise the protein, fat and carbohydrate requirements of the individual, the consumers food preferences are then used to meet these requirements. My Taste Guide shows that you can have your cake and eat it too!


An online marketplace connecting those who want to improve their fitness with local fitness instructors. We will be changing our name to ThatTrainer as the new name fits our segment.


Horyzon is a work for equity exchange built on blockchain. It is a global playground of creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs collaborating to turn an idea into a reality. Founders can crowdsource the perfect skills for their startups, paying in equity for the completion of projects, while freelancers of any profession can invest their time and skill in the ideas they believe in.

The Early Learning Room

We are parents helping other parents guide their children’s learning during the early years of life.  Our app is a learning space and an easy-to-access resource for parents.  Our developmentally-appropriate activities feed into an educational framework so time-poor parents can sleep easy knowing they are meeting their children’s cognitive & developmental needs.  We use technology to increase parent/child interaction rather than replace it.

Small Change

Online platform that allows any media content to be repurposed to raise money for charity. Rather than simply sharing, liking or re-tweeting, Small Change allows users to activate media content and add a simple one-click-to-donate button or alternative call to action. is a tool for university students to connect with each other and the world around them.

INCUBATE Winter Startups 2015: Class 6

Class 6

Abyss Solutions 

We can save 20-30% on commercial and residential hot water energy bills by providing customised end-to-end hot water management solutions, using state of the art robotics and data analytics.

Fluid Education 

To date, Backpack has helped over 1000 students, parents, and teachers make sense of the overwhelming mess of information their school has to offer, consolidating timetables, homework, and much more in a single, mobile app.


Tuckerbox is your local daily deals app for food. Helping cafes sell the excess meals they otherwise throw out, and saving busy customers money and a trip to the grocery store on the way home.


Hireflow is about enabling emplpyers to make better hiring decisions faster and more effectively via a modern, mobile first web application.

FirstStep Investing 

FirstStep is a mobile app that lets you automatically invest your loose change from everyday purchases into a diversified, low-cost investment portfolio, with a risk profile of your choosing.


An online self-service mental health platform for employees that acts as a first responder for screening and treatment to help identify and assist workers that don’t engage with employee counselling.


Persollo enables regular people to create a payment form in a click, copy the link and share it with their audience/customers.

Basketball Forever 

Basketball forever connects and interacts with over 700,000 engaged fans by providing the best basketball related content, artwork & merchandise available on the web.

INCUBATE Summer Startups 2014-2015: Class 5



Cric Sci 

CricketPredict is an app that exclusively uses mobile technology to predict injury risk in Cricket. It analyses sleep patters, diet, psychological stress, fitness and workload to give a real-time prediction injury risk to the coaches on the go.

Food Pod

Food Pod connects farmers directly with families in the local community (POD) to access locally grown, sustainable and freshly ‘picked the day before’ fruit and vegetables.


STEMN stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network. STEMN makes project research easy by centralising information into a network linking people, parts and projects.


Docit lets consumers find, book and organise appointments for service based businesses.


Jumpcut is focused on creating a more enjoyable online video viewing experience for content creators and their audiences.


Cue prompts patients to arrive at a time that means they don’t have to wait. Cue provides current and estimated walk-in wait times, notifications of appointment delays and patients’ progress in a virtual queue after check-in.


Sonder’s dynamic keyboard is the keyboard of the 21st century, revolutionising the way we connect with computers.



3D atomic resolution microscope. Think small to think big.

INCUBATE Winter Startups 2014: Class 4


Breathe Well

An interactive medical device to assist lung cancer patients to breathe well,
facilitating stable lung tumour motion for accurate radiation
delivery during cancer treatment


Get the best price wherever you shop online


Meerkat is a convenient portable device to prevent and treat plagiocephaly and
reflux in children.


The Instagram of stop motion

Promise or Pay

Promise or Pay helps social media users stick to their goals and drive social
change by donating money to charity if they don’t follow through.

Top Drawer

Bringing simplicity back to guys through convenient and automated
delivery of men’s essential products.


UReferJobs allows you to refer jobs to your peers, helping them and
obtaining significant cash rewards.

INCUBATE Summer Startups 2013 – 2014: Class 3

Group Hi-res



Great rewards. No QR codes.



Communication in construction



Connecting students and employers through internship opportunities

Trimph (4)


Revolutionising medicine through biomaterials


Beautiful wearable technology



Helping small businesses thrive

INCUBATE Winter Startups 2013: Class 2



Test drives delivered


Career navigation for graduates


The Social Network For Beauty

 Neighbourhood Networks

Connecting People And Services In Your Neighbourhood


Sustainable and easy micro-farming


Stop Hunting For Workers, We’ll Find Them For You


Facebook For Your Charitable Life


Elegant, Encrypted Messaging

INCUBATE Summer Startups 2012-2013: Class 1

Team 2012



Bringing livestock inventorying and trading into the 21st century

CloudHerd is an online livestock management and sales platform. Our vision is to create a global marketplace for the livestock industry, creating a huge source of livestock knowledge and allowing farmers to access multiple markets.


edisse logo


An innovative watch for the elderly

The Edisse Watch is an automatic fall detection device that provides carers and family members peace of mind. Current systems, such as panic buttons, have issues including coverage limitations, user requirements (i.e. have to be conscious to use) and simple aesthetic issues such as being conspicuous. The Edisse Watch eliminates all these problems through our innovative technology.




Raising money for charity on the go

Feedback is a not-for-profit app that allows users to complete market research surveys in return for a charity donation. Face-to-face fundraising on the streets is a relic of the past.


muro icon


Everyone is an event photographer

Muro is an event photography sharing platform. We bring the photos from people’s devices into one place, and onto a live interactive slideshow.




Better product photos

SnapDisco is a web-based technology for automatic and semi-interactive photo enhancement. We have developed advanced image processing technology that traces clipping paths around objects automatically, eliminating the time consuming manual process.


TBD Logo-01


Make plans happen

The Best Day (TBD) is a social planning tool that calculates the best plan for a group by collecting votes on time and place, without the back-and-forth messaging madness.


we sit logo_final


Connecting parents with trusted babysitters

WeSit, a suite of web and mobile apps, connects parents with a trusted network of babysitters through a referral system which leverages the trust people already have in their offline networks.




Engaging children through technology

Weaver is an educational toy to engage children in the latest technological advances involving sensors, robotics and artificial intelligence.



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