INCUBATE’s 8-week introductory Startup Fundamentals Course – Consider it ‘Startups 101’

INCUBATE’s Startup Fundamentals Course is an introduction to all things startup: fundamental frameworks, how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, build out your network and refine your business idea/s. The weekly workshops assist you in learning about the startup ecosystem, building your network and advancing your ideas. Please note that this course is introductory – covering frameworks, group tasks and meet & greets with INCUBATE founders. This course is transparent about the founder journey, with a goal to build an entrepreneurial mindset, rather than grow a startup idea. If you have a startup idea you’re looking to pursue already, apply instead for our Pre-Accelerator Program.

Startup Fundamentals is open and free for The University of Sydney community – students, alumni, staff members and researchers.
  • Submit your EOI for the next Startup Fundamentals Course here

  • 2024 Key Dates:
  • Semester 1 Course
  • EOIs open: November 2023 – January 2024
  • Registrations open: 5th February – 19th February
  • Onboarding: 5th February – 19th February
  • Course Dates: 26th February – 22nd April
  • Semester 2 Course
  • EOI’s now open: Submit yours here
  • Registrations open: 19th August – 2nd September
  • Onboarding: 2nd September – 9th September
  • Course Dates: 9th September – 28th October
  • Eligibility:
    • Exclusively available for individuals in the University of Sydney Community
    • Delivered online for those unable to attend campus
    • For those wanting an introduction to the world of Startups
    • Having a business idea is not a pre-requisite
    Time Commitment:
    • 2-hour weekly workshops delivered online – attendance required
    • 1 hour worth of weekly readings and workshop tasks – required
    • Invites to networking & community events – not required but encouraged
  • Program Overview
    • 8-week course comprising of 2-hour online weekly workshops
    • Community-focused approach to foster collaboration
    • Skill-building for utilisisation as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur
    • Weekly workshop tasks to implement key learnings
    • Exclusive invites to a range of INCUBATE networking and community events
    • Access to INCUBATE’s community of mentors to build network
    • Proto acts as a gateway into ProtoX to advance your business ideas, test and prototype