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As one of the first university accelerators in Australia, INCUBATE has been supporting the University of Sydney academic community to realise the potential of their research since 2012.

From disease management to quantum computing, robotics in agriculture and cancer detection, our team delivers programs to support researchers build business skills and determine the best route to make an impact with their solution.

All INCUBATE programs are free for the University of Sydney community.

Read about some of the research based businesses that INCUBATE has supported:


Co-founder Dr Moe Suleimam (not pictured Prof. Patrick Brennan and Prof. Mary Rickard)

One in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Early detection and diagnosis is key to a patient’s survival; unfortunately, radiologists miss 30% or more of cancers. DetectED-X is reshaping the future of cancer diagnosis through education test sets for doctors around the world.Using interactive web-based test sets developed by DetectED-X’s industry-leading founders, cancer detection improves by 34%. DetectED-X’s test set products are now commercially available to the 200,000 radiologists who work in Australia, New Zealand, North America, China, Middle East, Europe, and SE Asia.

Earth Ai

Founder Roman Teslyuk

EARTH AI helps mining explorers find gold and other minerals. We de-risk and shorten total exploration time by at least 50% and increase chances for mineral discovery via embedding machine-learning data analysis into geologist’s daily workflow. Delivered via our web platform, EARTH AI gives geologists location suggestions about where to look for mineral exposure. In response to daily user data uploads, it creates precise geological maps from satellite, geophysical and geochemical data.


Founders Saron Berhane, Lewis Collins, Henry Brindle and Joshua Wilson

BioScout has created the world’s first AI-based airborne disease tracking platform for agriculture which comprises of an airborne sampler, analyser and disease precision dashboard. Diseases in wheat farms alone annually cost Australia $2.6 billion. Current monitoring practices rely on inefficient manual inspection or IT solutions which provide no information on disease factors and crop quality. BioScout’s system is a proactive solution that better informs intervention. It allows for optimised prediction of infection routes and spread patterns to maximise crop yield and quality.


Founders Michelle Demers,Jared Wood and Kimberly Bolton

Carapac is creating biodegradable plastics for agriculture that are beneficial for both plants and soils. Annually, over 5,300 tonnes of plastic mulch are placed over soils to prevent weeds. None of this plastic is recyclable, and up to 50% of it is burned or buried on-site.
Carapac is a biodegradable alternative made from seafood waste that can be tilled straight into the soil when the crop is finished. The best part – it will improve soil health AND provide nutrition to plants as it biodegrades, increasing the quality and profitability of farms.


Founder Dr Reza Behi

METASENSE is using sensors and analytics to bring proactive management of UV-risk and skin cancer into workplaces. The team has developed a wearable device (Safe Spot) that can be integrated into personal protective equipment such as hard hats. The device measures UV exposure, the temperature, time and location of the worker. It then alerts the individual via a mobile app and the organisation via an online platform when their employees are at high risk of UV exposure, allowing them to take immediate action.
“We are excited to have one of the largest construction companies in Australia on board for a 6-month pilot and plan to launch the pilot and product within the next three months,” said METASENSE founder Reza Behi.

Interval Weight Loss

Founder Dr Nick Fuller

Despite a booming diet industry, for the last 40 years obesity has tripled around the world. So, leading obesity expert and researcher, Dr Nick Fuller, developed the Interval Weight Loss Program. The system uses scientific methods to help people achieve weight loss goals in a way that prevents weight regain. Through two best-selling books, Interval Weight Loss has developed an active community of more than 3,000 people over the last two years. To make the program more accessible to its highly engaged community and to support new audiences, Interval Weight Loss has created an online platform and app. Through the platform’s weight tracker, interactive video tutorials, recipes, and community functions, users are empowered to apply the program’s framework from the book and integrate it into their daily lives.

Green Atlas

Founders Dr James Underwood and Dr Steven Scheding

Green Atlas has a vision to manage the life-cycle of every fruit on the planet! They assist growers in making every tree ‘a Goldilocks tree’ – one that has just the right amount of fruit to maximise profitability.
Their solution gathers and analyses data from every tree. The system automatically acts on the data to optimise every tree. This also helps predict yield much more accurately than ever possible before, helping to prime the entire supply chain, from labour, to box orders, to freight requirements, and stock market reporting.


Founder Dr Andrew Moore

AMSL Aero is building simple, safe and quiet electrical vertical take-off and landing aircraft for army to move cargo and casualties, and for people to fly over traffic. The AMSL Aero team vision is to build and provide to build a safe aircraft that will ease the burden of traffic congestion on people’s lives, will provide greater choice over where people can live and visit, whilst also respecting our environment with its zero carbon emissions and low operating noise levels.

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