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Incubate Pitching Event

We are proud to launch SparkX, a $10,000 dollar sponsorship fund dedicated to sparking the entrepreneur community at the University of Sydney.


SparkX, an INCUBATE initiative, wants to fund engaging and high-quality,  events and activities on-campus with a focus on promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and startups.

SparkX is open to events of three categories; Casual, Keynote and Major Events. Funding can be used towards any event-related costs such as venue, AV hire or food and beverage.

SparkX is open to all student societies, groups and organisations in the University of Sydney, and we encourage collaboration with other university societies.

Event Categories


SparkX Event Categories

We have categorised events by scale and frequency of grants given. Type of events available to apply with is open to a variety and the students’ imagination.


Casual events are small and focussed, with formats such as regular meet-ups, technical workshops, networking and collaborative industry events.

  • Sponsorship Amount: Up to $500 per event
  • Expected Attendance: 30-50 per event


Event formats can include seminars, workshops, panels or similar. Events should inspiring, engaging and well organised.

  • Sponsorship Amount: Up to $1,500 per event
  • Expected Attendance: 70+ attendees


Major events should inspiring, engaging and well organised and well attended. They should generate a lot of attention, and be a major activity for the organisers i.e. they’re a big event for that audience.

Example formats include: hackathons, major keynotes and discussion panels.

    • Sponsorship Amount: Up to $5,000 per event
    • Application should be at least 8 weeks prior to event date
    • At least 6 weeks promo lead time
    • Grant Frequency: Once per year
    • Attendance: 120+ attendees


Eligibility & Event Requirements

    • Events must have a focus on promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and startups
    • Be held on-campus
    • If charging ticket prices, must offer
      (1) student discount
      (2) further discount on Access Card holders
    • Complete an application
    • Use Eventbrite for registration
    • Use Facebook to promote (at very least)
    • Promote INCUBATE with our guidelines
    • Matches event criteria

Individuals or societies within the University of Sydney community, organisers with Access Membership and collaboration opportunities with other universities  will be prioritised.



Applications are reviewed on an on-going basis. Successful applications will be invited for an interview prior to a decision of the grant approval. Note that the grant provided is possible to be a portion and not the full amount of the grant requested.

Details must include

  • Planned venue & AV requirements
  • Attendance (VIPs or media include)
  • Promotion plan with example artwork
  • Date, speakers, event budget, sponsorship ask, organiser details, other sponsors, past event organisation history


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