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James Alexander, Program Manager

James is passionate about helping young entrepreneurs succeed. He co-founded INCUBATE with the backing of the University of Sydney Union. He manages the accelerator program, advises the startups, manages mentor relationships and the overall direction of the program including future endeavors.

James completed his Computer Science degree with Honours from the University of Sydney in 2012 and has been heavily involved with startups. He has worked with Freelancer, Atlassian, Posse, Deloitte and other companies in Sydney.


Lizette Lee, Community & Event Manager

 Lizette works with the team to ensure the program runs smoothly. She manages the events, communications with stakeholders, marketing and program operations.

Her background includes project management, events management, digital marketing and design. Lizette is currently taking her Graduate Certificate in Marketing at the University of Sydney as coursework to continue into the Masters program.



Jo Morrison

 Jo Morrison, Director, USU Innovation Programs

 The USU aims to give students something more than a degree when they graduate by making campus life exciting and engaging for students.

Jo oversees the program and works with the team on strategy, engagement and program development. She has worked in student development programs at university since 2008 and has developed INCUBATE with James Alexander since its inception.



Nick Tong, In-House Mentor

 Nick founded Edisse, wearable technology for elderly safety. In 2015, he exited Edisse and joined Kent & Lime, a startup delivering hassle free shopping for men through smart personalised technology.

Since being Director, Kent and Lime has already over a million dollars in revenue to date from August 2015.



Shane Herft, In-House Mentor

After over 10 years working in digital advertising and media, Shane jettisoned himself from the corporate sector into the untamed lands of entrepreneurship. Four years and three startups later (one success, two failed) gives him a small amount of experience to impart on the subject in his capacity as in-house mentor.

In his spare time, Shane is learning web development which he hopes to combine with his expertise in business development and web design to become a ‘triple-threat’. If that doesn’t work, his fallback is singing/acting/dancing.



Farid Mirmohseni, Program Coordinator

Farid is a serial- entrepreneur who is focused on solving important social issues by leveraging the power and reach of technology. He is a big believer in the power of entrepreneurship in bringing about positive change to the world.

He is currently completing his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sydney. At only 22 years of age, he has successfully launched 2 start-ups that have been embraced by the community. He holds 2 patents to his name and one ISI publication.

The highly popular education forum, KickHSC, which was founded by Farid in 2010 has already garnered close to 30,000 online members.

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