ProtoX First Nations


Mentoring to accelerate early-stage startups and impactful research.

ProtoX First Nations is a free part-time mentoring program created to support individuals and teams from within the University of Sydney community who are committed to building a startup or delivering impactful research.

Delivered by INCUBATE, the award winning startup program, ProtoX is backed by industry learning and facilitated by mentors with depth of experience in startups and research commercialisation.

ProtoX First Nations is the first INCUBATE program exclusively for First Nations Founder:

Learn who is your potential customer – Learn how to create a problem statement, understand your customer segments and personas and how to validate who your customer is.

Build your first Prototype/MVP – Successful applicants get a $1k equity free grant (and the assistance of our team) to build your first MVP (minimum viable product).

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Set Goals

Track Progress

Receive Guidance from Mentors

Share Wins and Challenges

Key Dates:

  • ProtoX – Semester Two 2022 Dates
  • Applications Open: 01st Aug 2022
  • Applications Close: 15th Aug 2022 at 5pm
  • Cohorts Announced: 22nd Aug 2022
  • Program Running: Tuesdays 5pm – 7pm
  • Overview

    • 12 week program
    • Weekly group check-in sessions
    • Goal-setting with the program mentor
    • The opportunity to pitch to the INCUBATE community
    • A strong sense of community
  • These ProtoX cohorts are open to any University of Sydney affiliated early stage startup (with at least 1 founder from a First Nations background) that wants to gain industry mentoring.

  • WATCH the Information Session for: ProtoX HERE
  • Time Commitment:

  • – 90 mins per week (compulsory, cohort update)
  • – Skill building workshops for 15 mins every week
  • – Supported by 1:1 mentoring with the Program Manager and our Indigenous Entrepreneurs in Residence.

  • Hear from one of our founders:

    “I absolutely would not have made the progress I did without ProtoX. It gave me the confidence, opportunity and motivation to conduct my first customer interviews and get my first paying customers. The program made me accountable, and gave me an opportunity to pitch my ideas and demonstrate my progress.

    During ProtoX I was able to ask for support or ideas from the Program Manager and the other founders, who came from different industries, experiences, and stages of life. It gave me a more rounded view than just working alone.”

    Victoria Edghill, founder of Relievables (ProtoX Alum; INCUBATE Accelerator Class 15)

    “Having the possibility to regularly share update on my project’s challenges and objectives was valuable. Getting external feedbacks was a great way to get different perspectives on my project and helped me to bring new solutions that I wasn’t thinking of. On top of that, it creates a sense of accountability toward the other participants that pushed me to stay focus on my goals.”

    Ben, founder of SoundSense (ProtoX Alum)

    “Thank you for offering this program. I have learnt a lot from the 12 week program and tried to come up with an action plan”.

    Anika (ProtoX Alum)