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Entrepreneur Inspiration

We are going through a revolution in entrepreneurship – opportunity is everywhere. A combination of free tools, easily accessible information, technology, global distribution and collaboration via the web, means there are fewer obstacles in the way of passionate entrepreneurs and risk takers. So get out there, have a go and impact the world!

INCUBATE has compiled some useful links based on common questions we receive, useful research for any aspiring entrepreneur.


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What Are You Waiting For? There’s Never Been a Better Time to Start a Company: In this essay, INCUBATE mentor and leading Australian entrepreneur, Matt Barrie, explores that ‘opportunity is everywhere’ for those wanting to start a new business

Who Says Sydney is Too Far and Too Remote for It’s Startups to Make it: Melanie Perkins is a 25 year old female entrepreneur who recently launched a global graphic design platform from Sydney

Software Is Eating The World: An essay by one of America’s most famous investors and entrepreneurs, Marc Andreessen, describing why software is revolutionising every industry around the globe

How Nonprofits Get Really Big by William Foster & Gail Fine: This study from the Stanford Social Innovation Review details how and why some nonprofits get really big

Why The Lean Startup Changes Everything by: How you launch new ventures has changed. Steve Blank, well known American entrepreneur and commentator, serves up a useful overview

The Startup Economy: This report from PwC gives an overview of Australia’s startup ecosystem and identifies potential ways to accelerate the growth of the Australian technology startup sectorr

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The Power of Curiosity and Inspiration: Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter and Square, talks about how entrepreneurs are driven by innate curiosity to create amazing things

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement (Graduation) Address: A classic talk and a must-watch for any budding entrepreneur.

Startups and Entrepreneurs in Australia: TEDxSydney and INCUBATE hosted an enlightening panel discussing entrepreneurs in Australia 

Technology Entrepreneurship Lecture Series at the University of Sydney: A selection of guest lectures on topics around entrepreneurship


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Sydney Angels: Australia’s largest group of angel investors that invest in innovative startups

Sydney Seed Fund: A new seed fund that invests small amounts of capital into new ventures

Scale Investors: Dedicated towards funding talented women entrepreneurs

Innovate NSW: Grants for new businesses offered by NSW Government


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Pozible: Australian crowdfunding startup that specialises in creative projects

Kickstarter: Worlds largest crowdfunding marketplace for projects of any kind

Indiegogo: International crowdfunding marketplace to help entrepreneurs raise money

StartSomeGood: Australian crowdfunding marketplace aimed at social ventures and projects


Screenshot 2014-05-21 16.27.34 The worlds largest outsourcing marketplace to help you get things done quickly and cheaply

BigCommerce: Everything you need to sell online Graphic design, logo design and website design Inventors post their ideas with the most popular designs built and sold online


The Fetch: Weekly email of events for creative, business and tech people in Sydney

StartupSmart: News covering Australia’s startups including a daily email on important startup news

Shoestring: Covering new ventures and startups


Edisse Pitch: Great example of a pitch from a previous INCUBATE startup

Public Speaking Secrets from Popular Ted Talks: Essential components in a great presentation







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