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Event Invite: The Hustle – Alumni Startup Q&A

The Hustle – Startup Q&A with INCUBATE Alumni

Wednesday 3rd of August, 4 – 7pm

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 If you’ve ever wondered what a startup learns going through an accelerator this event is for you.

After 14 weeks in INCUBATE accelerator our Class 6 & 7 startups will tell you what they’ve learnt going to market – the insights, hacks, tips and tricks that helped them launch and get their first customers

PLUS:  4 Alumni startups now in Telstra-backed Accelerator Program Muru-D

Our startups cover multiple industries from robotics to health and social enterprise!

Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

Meet the Hustlers

Dr. Tom Hu

Miriad Technologies 

A hardware tech startup went from being researchers in Physics to selling globally

Sam Henderson & Henry Wells

Small Change

A social enterprise startup launched having partnerships with at least 5 large not-for-profit organisations

Jacob Horne


A platform for startups to manage their equity. Built on the same technology that powers Bitcoin.

Dwayne Ripley

The Early Learning Room

Helping parents as first eductors provide the best learning environment for their young ones at the most crucial age window.

PLUS: Featuring 4 Alumni startups now in Telstra-backed Accelerator Program Muru-D

Nasir Ahsan & Masood Naqshbandi

Abyss Solutions

An autonomous aquatic drone startup secured the trust of government deals.

Dr. Jay Spence


A mental health startup signed up one of Australia’s largest companies.

Giorgio Doueihi

Fluid Education

Founder at 18, now active in three different startups and supporting the Sydney EduTech community.

Olga Oleinikova & Kyrylo Medvediev


A payments startup went from SME partnerships to securing corporate deals and global users.

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