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The INCUBATE Experience w/ Alumni Founder Dr. Olga Oleinikova

olga croppedWe caught up with INCUBATE alumni Persollo Co-Founder, Olga so you can hear it straight from someone who went through the program!

What’s do you find to be the most valuable aspect of INCUBATE?
I think it’s definitely the network of mentors and the media coverage. It helped us build this presence. The startup cohort of Muru-D (Telstra-backed accelerator program) where we’re in now already knew about us and what we were doing.

In a snapshot, what did you accomplish in the program?
We were committed to deadlines and goals on a weekly basis. We had a basic idea when we entered and the program helped us build a whole product from MVP to a proper one. They helped us get the first clients and we’re able to get valuable feedback in making the product work. INCUBATE actually facilitated the development of the product and launch to market.

What are you doing now?
I’m now part of Muru-D, building Persollo further. We’re progressing the product and it’s being used in 9 different countries. We got to test our product with small merchants and now moving to bigger markets and building B2B partnerships.

Message to other startups on-campus?
To go and do it. Don’t wait until it’s ready. Go try the MVP version and test your idea.

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