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We’re on the hunt for a Resident Mentor!

As INCUBATE grows we’re looking for a people to join the team with a passion for helping new entrepreneurs at one of the world’s leading universities. We’re on the hunt for experienced startup founders and operators to help us execute on our vision of being one the leading startup programs at university, globally.

Our current job opening is Resident Mentor, a 3 day a week commitment with opportunity for full-time, with more positions to be announced. Resident Mentor is a paid position. 

Here are some examples for people we want to chat with:

  • Founder/Entrepreneur, perhaps in-between companies, worked for or exited multiple startups and interested to give back and mentor ‘First Time Founders’ (part or full-time)
  • Experienced operator or investor, worked with high-growth technology companies and interested in helping INCUBATE and the University of Sydney develop and execute its venture strategy
  • Graduates with experience in a startup looking to help other students launch their entrepreneurial careers (casual to full-time)

If you know someone that fits the bill or someone with a background in academia and high-growth companies please do refer INCUBATE!

For interested parties, please email 

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