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INCUBATE a key player in the #IdeasBoom

Can science researchers build valuable companies? 

How many people make new year weight management resolutions and fail? 

Where do frustrated parents go when they want to help their toddler learn? 

How can hitting “like” on a social media post about impoverished children translate into a real action? 

Problem solving is the key to a promising startup and there’s never been a more exciting time to be student entrepreneur.

The University of Sydney Union’s (USU) competitive INCUBATE program handpicks top young founders from all areas of Sydney University. INCUBATE has supported 56 student startups to date. The program alumni have collectively raised over $5.5 million dollars and INCUBATE continues to produce some of the most successful early stage startups in the country.

Introducing INCUBATE ‘Class 7’ startups

Miriad Technologies found their way into building a startup by accident. “I was just a curious nerd,” says Tomonori Hu who recently finished his PhD (yes, he’s Doctor Hu). With supervisor Darren Hudson, the team built a spectrometer on the side to analyse the light of their laser project. “We didn’t think much of it until a visiting professor asked where he could buy one and was surprised we made it ourselves,” says Tom.

Incubate Startup portraits summer 2015-2015

Miriad Technologies founders, Darren Hudson and Tom Hu

Some startups in Class 7 have established prior businesses, they come to INCUBATE looking to learn how to shift towards a scalable model with technology underpinning it.

Fitness models Jade Spooner and Amal Wakim started their business a year ago and have already helped over 300 people lose weight worldwide. Their proposition? Incorporating many people’s favourite foods, like chocolates and cakes. “We love food. I have ice cream every night,” says co-founder Amal, who lost 15 kilos. Using flexible dieting, the pair’s special formula is customised to each person without having to give up sinful food. With INCUBATE, the business pivots into an app using their algorithm to reach more people globally. Their business, My Taste Guide, is born out of wanting to share the possibilities of making your cake and eating it too.

My Taste Guide founders, Amal Wakim and Jade Spooner

My Taste Guide founders, Amal Wakim and Jade Spooner

Parents and co-founders Anna To and Dwayne Ripley were frustrated by the lack of facilitated learning in early childcare centres. Their online platform is for parents looking to nurture their child’s learning through experiences. With 22 years combined experience in education, they opened The Early Learning Room to provide a learning environment for kids who are at a critical window in their development. “Parents as first educators want to help their children develop their potential the best possible way” says former primary school teacher Anna.

Incubate Startup portraits summer 2015-2015

The Early Learning Room founders, Dwayne Ripley and Anna To


Other founders, having ballad-worthy inspirational stories, stumbled upon their startups with Eureka moments.

Incubate Startup portraits summer 2015-2015

Small Change founders, Henry Wells and Sam Henderson

In hopes of making a difference, Small Change embeds the ability to commit concrete actions

from shared posts. Co-founders Henry Wells and Sam Henderson are old friends who often find themselves discussing world issues and hypothesizing solutions. The pair felt social media actions such as likes, hashtags and sharing are good for awareness but have little impact into translating to meaningful actions towards the issues.





Strength in Partnership

Lenovo Australia has extended their support and the partnership with INCUBATE, “Lenovo is all about innovation. Lenovo is genuinely invested in this to drive (and) enable the participants.” says Matt Codrington, Managing Director of Lenovo Australia and New Zealand. “This is about growing the economy. We’re really keen to see how we grow that next level of entrepreneurs.”

The Female startup founders of Incubate class 7; Amal Wakim, Jade Spooner, Anna To and Giselle Gray

The Female startup founders of Incubate class 7; Amal Wakim, Jade Spooner, Anna To and Giselle Gray

Demo Day March 22

Class 7 startups will be pitching for the first time on March 22, 2016 at Sydney University. Students, entrepreneurs, investors and industry are invited to attend. More details here:

Class 7 Startups

Our Miriad spectrometer acts like a sniffer dog looking for certain chemicals, but differs by measuring light instead of smell. This helps food quality control by enabling faster and more accurate chemical analysis. The device is unique in that it is portable, has no moving part, and easy to implement.

Online platform that allows any media content to be repurposed to raise money for charity. Rather than simply sharing, liking or re-tweeting, Small Change allows users to activate media content and add a simple one-click-to-donate button or alternative call to action.

Horyzon is a work for equity exchange built on blockchain. It is a global playground of creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs collaborating to turn an idea into a reality. Founders can crowdsource the perfect skills for their startups, paying in equity for the completion of projects, while freelancers of any profession can invest their time and skill in the ideas they believe in.

Introducing a commercial aircraft for large-area inspection. The low-cost sub-2-kg aeroplane allows small businesses to own and operate a VTOL UAV outright, and achieves multi-hour flight time and a range in excess of 100 km.

My Taste Guide is a mobile application delivering personalised nutrition plans for all weight loss, muscle gain and weight management goals. Applying a unique scientific formula to generate and strategise the protein, fat and carbohydrate requirements of the individual, the consumers food preferences are then used to meet these requirements. My Taste Guide shows that you can have your cake and eat it too!

We are parents helping other parents guide their children’s learning during the early years of life. Our app is a learning space and an easy-to-access resource for parents. Our developmentally-appropriate activities feed into an educational framework so time-poor parents can sleep easy knowing they are meeting their children’s cognitive & developmental needs. We use technology to increase parent/child interaction rather than replace it.

We bring fitness trainers to the 21st century by giving them an online presence and making them more accessible to people who want to get fit.

MEET.SMART is an AI assistant that organises your meetings in the fastest, smartest and most convenient way possible on any platform.


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