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Sonder reveals world’s first E-ink keyboard

Sonder Design, from INCUBATE class 5, recently announced the world’s first E-ink keyboard at ATP Innovations in Sydney. Sonder Design’s keyboard has the ability to adapt the keys to your specific usage, as the E-ink keys empowers users to create an infinite number of key layouts. Users can switch between any language, application-specific shortcuts or create custom icons on their keys.

Sonder founders, part of class 5 INCUBATE accelerator of March 2015, came up with their idea “out of frustration, as designers.” Sonder’s co-founders (and twin brothers) found it incredibly frustrating attempting to memorise hundreds of application-specific shortcuts. The goal of the Sonder Design keyboard, is to put the most powerful features of programs like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustration at the fingertips of consumers, without the steep learning curve.

Earlier this year Sonder’s co-founders were awarded a grant by NSW Trade & Investment to develop their keyboard for the creative-design sector. Since raising $20,000 in a single day of preorders, Sonder is currently focused on launching their Kickstarter campaign as soon as possible.

The keyboard has been received well internationally hit, with 40% of their pre-orders coming from Europe and about half of Sonder Design’s total sales coming internationally from multilinguals.

“We have been overwhelmed by the love the creative and international community has shown us and the demand for our keyboard,” said Francisco, Lead Product Architect at Sonder Design.


Sonder keyboard

“We have been overwhelmed by the love the creative and international community has shown us and the demand for our keyboard,” – Francisco, Lead Product Architect at Sonder Design.

Like the Kindle e-reader or Pebble watch, the secret behind Sonder’s keyboard is a bespoke E-ink display which allows users to customise their keys, all overlaid with a patented key mechanism. Users can connect their keyboard to their Mac or PC (or even their tablet or smartphone) – revolutionising the way they connect with computers. For people who work in the dark, Sonder’s front lighting through advanced fibre optic waveguide ensure users will never miss a key in the dark.

Pricing & Availability

The Sonder keyboard is expected to be released on Kickstarter later this year at the early bird rate of $199.00 with a retail price of $350.00 (USD) at Authorised Resellers. The Sonder keyboard operated on both OS X Version 10.2.6 or later and Windows; it can also easily connect to tablets and phones with a built-in Bluetooth adapter.

Sonder customers will also have access to an online library of further layouts for languages, dialects, macros and widgets. Users will also be able to share their own custom created shortcuts.

Additional technical specifications, configure-to-order options and accessories are available online at

With two studios opened in Sydney in 2014, Sonder’s philosophy continues to be an uncompromising commitment to innovation and capturing creativity around the user experience and emerging technologies.

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