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Silicon Valley Trip & Connections

In November 2014 INCUBATE joined the Engineering Faculty at the University of Sydney with Australian and international entrepreneurs for a special industry panel discussion and networking event at Google’s HQ in Mountain View, California. Hosted by Professor Andy Dong, an expert in design-led innovation, the panel discussion covered new trends in technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

The startups also visited local investors, including Google Ventures and the offices of Sydney-founded Atlassian, Planet Labs and AirBnB – all of which have fantastic entrepreneurs and engineers who are part of our INCUBATE mentor network.

Panellists included:
Jeffrey Bleich, former Special Counsel to President Obama and former US Ambassador to Australia
Alumnus Andrew Tanner, Vice President, Business Development at GELI
Alumnus Dr Chris Boshuizen, Co-founder and CTO of Planet Labs Inc.
Alumnus Ben Sand, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Meta

INCUBATE startups that pitched on the night:

Tzukuri, making the worlds first unloseable sunglasses
Makeupsocial, an mobile platform for women to share beauty tips and advice
Trimph, creating a revolutionary bio-martieral that aid in cell regeneration

We were also extremely fortunate to have alumnus Dr Craig Barratt (Senior VP, Access and Energy, Google) welcome our guests to the event. If you’d like to support or get involved in future alumni initiatives at the University, like those discussed at this panel, please contact or register for our newsletter to stay up to date with INCUBATE events.

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