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Staff Profile: Shane Herft

July 28, 2014


Shane Herft Profile Image

Each month we aim to do a staff or mentor profile. This month we introduce Shane Herft, INCUBATE’s In-House Mentor who helps guide our startups on a weekly basis in our co-working space.

Why are you excited to be working with the INCUBATE team?

Spending time in San Francisco, I saw how much US students are geared to entrepreneurship with accelerators and courses from universities like Stanford. Adding considerable value to them and the tech and startup ecosystems. I’m excited to see INCUBATE providing this for our startup ecosystem and students in Australia.

Why do startups and entrepreneurship excite you?

I admire people who have the power and motivation to turn their ideas into reality, with living, tangible products. Through entrepreneurship I get to work with people who are accomplishing this every day.

Who is an entrepreneur that inspires you? 

An obvious choice but you can’t go past Elon Musk –  successful, visionary and philanthropic. Sharing the Tesla patents so other entrepreneurs could build the next wave of amazing technology from their accomplishments was inspiring.

What’s an important lesson you have learnt with your experience in startups?

Ignorance is a startup killer. Particularly when it comes to the processes and resources of your business. Eg. As a tech startup CEO, it’s okay not being able to code, but it’s not okay to be technically illiterate, assuming your CTO will take care of everything.

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