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Staff Profile: Luca Monk, Program Coordinator

July 2, 2014


Luca Monk, Program Coordinator

Luca is studying Bio-Medical Engineering at Sydney University. He is also a Co-Founder of an events management startup. He will be working with the INCUBATE Team and the Winter 2014 Startups.

Why are you excited to be working with the INCUBATE team?
This will be the first time I’m working with a group of people who are as enthusiastic I as I am about entrepreneurship and start up development. When you are working with people who LOVE what they do, it makes a pretty optimistic and creative work atmosphere.

Why do startups and entrepreneurship excite you?
The potential growth and activity that can stem from one simple idea. The thought that someone can turn a simple idea that excites them into capital, as well as changing so many lives around them is amazing.

Who is an entrepreneur that inspires you?
Richard Branson. The fact that one person could go from project to project so successfully, in all industries, and make such a significant global impact is incredible. I admire his unrelenting optimism the most. When he wants something to be done, he goes out and does it, despite what critics say or what the odds are against him.

The INCUBATE Program Coordinator role is one of a a range of USU student leadership volunteering opportunities that run alongside students academic timetables and help them gain invaluable experience.

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