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Video: TEDxSydney Panel on Startups in Australia

INCUBATE hosted a panel on entrepreneurship and startups in Australia as part of our TEDxSydney satellite event.

The panel discussion featured guests Sally-Ann Williams (Google), Whitney Komor (TheBestDay), Russel Howard (NeuClone), Professor Tony Weiss (Elastagen) and Chaser star Craig Reucassel (moderator).

The last five years have heralded in a seismic cultural shift towards entrepreneurialism, characterised by the rise of programs like INCUBATE, the USU’s startup acceleration program. “The tech start-up ecosystem in Australia is like a start-up itself,” said Sally-Ann Williams, the Engineering Community & Outreach Program Manage for Google. “There were no co-working spaces in Australia five years ago. Now there are seven.”

Dr Russell J Howard, CEO, entrepreneur and biochemist, packed his bags for the States at a young age. Having recently returned to Australia, Howard felt “a little chastened by the fact that tall poppy syndrome still exists. I can still tell that’s a problem here,” he said. “There’s never a negative perception of someone that wants to go 200 per cent in the US environment. It’s a sad truth.”

But America is losing its much-coveted exceptionality. “There’s a buzz you get in the Valley, there’s a buzz you get in Boston,” Weiss acknowledged. “[But] you can feel the change in the air,” he counters. “It’s palpable. You can feel the wind on your back right now,” he said of the emerging startup ecosystem in Australia…

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