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Frequently Asked Questions

October 18, 2012


Below is a list of some the commonly asked questions we have received over the last couple of weeks. If you still have more questions please do get in touch.

Do I need an Access Card to apply?

No. We do not require students or alumni applying to have an existing Access card. We do expect at least one team member of the final  startup teams to purchase an Access Card, once they have been notified.

Is INCUBATE a new society or club?

No. INCUBATE is an entirely new program offered by the University of Sydney Union. It is completely separate from the Clubs and Societies program, although we do want to co-host events with existing clubs where appropriate.

Can I apply be myself?

Yes. Single applicants are welcome but you need to show you have the skills to do what you want to do. Generally speaking, most successful entrepreneurs advise startups to have two to three co-founders.

What stage can I apply?

Early stage & later stage. We welcome both applicants with raw ideas as well as startups who may already have a product, customers and funding.

Do I have to work at the co-working space?

Not necessarily. If you have an office on campus or an existing office just tell us in the application form. We do expect all teams to work from our co-working space at certain points for example for group meetings, talks and presentations.

Do I have to work full time on my startup?

Ideally, yes. We want the most motivated go-getters but understand if you need to work as well. Just tell us how much time you can commit on the application form.

Keep in mind however, startup teams that work full time over 11 weeks will achieve far more than a startup that works part time over the same period. Taking time off work, research or other commitments to validate your startup is often the most efficient and valuable approach to getting your business off the ground.

Thus, we will prefer teams that can commit to working full time.

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