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Incubate 2012 applications are now open for the first program, running from December 2012 to February 2013. Please take care to fill out all forms correctly and we will contact you soon.

What are we looking for

Good ideas. Creative solutions. Talented and motivated students and alumni.

First if you are unsure by what we mean in the term ‘startup’, get your mind in the right headspace and check out our helpful resources page. Inucbate is looking to fund four high-potential and high-impact startup business ideas. This means your business product or service has a large potential market and will able to scale. These are online consumer services or products.

Check out our highlighted alumni startups page for an example of ideas we would potentially fund.

We’re especially looking for applicants with great scalable business ideas, good team (single applicants are welcome) and preferably a prototype or the product or a team able to build a prototype within the 3 month incubation period, in time for our Demo Day in 2013.

We are looking for very early stage projects that could be a great business as well as students or alumni with built prototypes or later stage startups. Experience in starting your business is not at all necessary.

Ideally if you can clearly articulate the following, you have a good chance of getting through to final applicants list. Can you define:

  • The problem you are trying to solve
  • The technology or process you will use to solve this
  • Your potential customers or who you think will be customers
  • The competition and market size
  • Why your team will be able to build your prototype in 3 months of the program

Best of all, Incubate is open to all students, researchers and recent alumni of the University of Sydney. Find out more or check out our frequently asked questions.

Things to keep in mind

Incubate is the first-of-its-kind startup incubator on campus at the University of Sydney, Australia. The program will be shaped by our first applicants and if you are unsure about your business idea check out our resources page <insert link> or contact us <insert link>.

  1. Please submit your application before close time, week 11, Friday 19th of October 11:59pm, Sydney time. Applications submitted before Wednesday, 3rd of September will have an advantage of being offered earlier interviews for finalists.
  2. Attend any of our workshops or events to talk with us in person or contact us <insert link>
  3. Between the 26th – 29th of November will we invite, what we believe to be the most promising applicants, for an interview on campus
  4. We will announce which applicants we will fund on Friday, 30th of September
  5. All funded groups are expected be working on their projects over summer break at our co-working space from the 3rd of December to end of February 
  6. There is a 2 week Christmas holiday period included in the schedule (should the groups wish to take it!) – Please check our program details <insert link>
  7. In O-Week, at the end of the incubation period, we organise a Demo Day for all groups to present to investors, students and media
  8. Every week all groups and interested students will be invited to our weekly dinner with an informal presentation by local or visiting entrepreneur

What funded applicants receive

We will fund, what we judge to be, four high-potential startup projects $5,000 each, with no equity or restrictions on the business idea taken. This is a not-for-profit program supported by the University of Sydney Union.

Funded groups will receive:

  • $5,000 in seed funding with no equity taken (we don’t take a share in your business)
  • Free co-working space on campus over the summer break
  • Free internet, printing, office resources and use of University of Sydney Union meeting rooms
  • Free advice and guidance from some of Australia’s most experienced mentors <insert link> and alumni

Who is judging the applications

Eligibility criteria

Apply now

Go the application form now!

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