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Student Startups

Students from the University of Sydney who are currently in their own startups come from a diverse range degrees and background. Check out just a few of these startups below or our Ideas and Inspiration page for more resources. Come and meet some of these students and recent alumni, involved with the startup community in Sydney, at our Workshop in week 10.

The startups highlighted below are also part of INCUBATE’s mentor network


Alex Sharp, Co-Founder and Vice President of Development 

Bachelor of Computer Science, AI, Chemistry, Financial Mathematics and Statistics at University of Sydney / Research Science Institute, MIT

Alex heads the core development team at OrionVM and helped create the worlds best performing cloud computing platform. He has written the majority of the platform that runs OrionVM and is proud to call CloudDC his masterpiece. He primarily spends his day writing code – Python, Bash and C; developing new features for OrionVM and its growing customers.

Alex has previously worked on a number of high profile projects, having attended MIT and spending some time working for a global Content Delivery Network (CDN).

In the news: Sydney tech start-up OrionVM sniffs out Series A funding in US, Startup Smart


Chris Loyld, Co-Founder

Bachelor of Art History and Computer Science (2011)

With degrees in Art History and Computer Science, Chris has always seen himself as a slashie. That’s designer/developer, not the other way around. He’s worked for companies in Chicago, Norway, Australia & Singapore making things that people love. Chris is passionate about clean design, minimalism and hipster music. He’d share a band with you but you wouldn’t have heard of them yet.

In 2011 he set out to help create Minefold, a way to make playing Mindfold online easier. Minefold were accepted into Y-Combintaor over the 2012 Winter Period and he now lives and works in San Francisco. Chris ultimately wants to make playing games, online more fun and easier and he is our USA Mentor and Advisor.

In the news: Y Combinator-Backed Minefold Launches Affordable, On-Demand Platform For Game Hosting, TechCrunch

myEd Online

 Rowan Kunz, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Architect

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law (2009)

Rowan is crazily passionate about education and how technology can be used to make learning student centric, relevant and importantly engaging & interesting.

This passion lies at the heart of what he does with the team at myEd Online. myEd Online is working to change the way students of any age learn by transforming traditional curriculums into engaging & interactive courses delivered to students via a gamified e-learning platform, available across the web, smartphones & tablets.

In the news: 2011 Anthill 30Under30 Winner, Australian Anthill


Nathan Tesler, Founder

Bachelor of Arts Linguistics, University of Sydney

Nathan taught himself programming and created one of the most popular iPhone apps for writers. Werdsmith, is an application for iphones and ipads that helps writers manage their workflow and collaborate on projects, aims to do for writers what Instagram did for photographers.

In the news: Startup idea began on the go, Sydney Morning Herald


Gareth Robinson, CEO and Co-founder

Bachelor of Information Technology, University of Sydney (2010)

After completing Matt Barries Technoloy Venture Creation class, Gareth decided to purse his business idea in disrupting the real-estate industry. The results, Leasate, is an all-in-one solution to property management. Providing both landlords and tenants all the tools they need to effectively manage time and save money.

In the news: Venture forth unto the web, BRW


Whitney Komor, Founder

Bachelor of International Studies

Whitney founded TheBestDay to end the back-and-forth messaging madness of organising plans with a group of people. Making plans is a frustrating waste of time and there needs to be an easier way to do it! TheBestDay solves this hassle by enabling a group to invite people by Facebook Inbox message, email or SMS to vote on options for time, place any any customised question (ex. Where to meet?) so that the best plan can easily be calculated and confirmed. TheBestDay has recently launched at and mobile apps in development.

Whitney graduated from Sydney University in 2010 with a completely irrelevant degree in International Studies, majoring in Government and Economics. She worked on TheBestDay at nights and weekends for a year and half while working as a Marketing & Sales Graduate at Coca-Cola Amatil before recently taking long leave to chase her dream full time.

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